Susan Collis

Our new gallery space at Calton Road opened in August 2008 with an installation by British artist Susan Collis in Gallery II.

Collis' work played on the fact of our newly finished gallery; her installation appearing at first glance to be nothing more than the neglected aftermath of a previous show, or the half-finished installation of her own. Only closer scrutiny revealed that the screws 'left' in the walls were made of solid gold, their rawl plugs of precious turquoise and coral; that splatters on the dusty and battered broom in the corner had in fact been set with opals and diamonds, and that the white paint spilt on the wooden floorboards was actually inlaid mother of pearl. The age-old trick of trompe l'oeil is not usually employed for such humble things, and the witty poetry in Collis' work lies in the intense labour expended over many months to craft these precious and beautiful, but ultimately useless objects.

A permanent installation by Collis, Down to the Mother, can be seen by visitors in Gallery II.

Susan Collis is represented by Seventeen, London.