Marine Hugonnier (b 1969, Paris) studied anthropology and philosophy.  She uses a variety of mediums (mostly film, but also photography and collage) to investigate and deconstruct conventions of representation in order to question the cultural and political frame that builds our gaze.


In her Art for Modern Architecture series (2004 ongoing) Hugonnier covers front-page images of historical newspapers with silk screened coloured paper. The colours used are the ones of the standard Kodak color chart (cyan, green, yellow, red, magenta, black). Covering each image breaks the narrative structure and the temporality; these collages reference photographer and theorist Allan Sekula’s research into “Anti-photojournalism”, and the artist’s role towards political events. By overlaying the image, Hugonnier affirms a strong scepticism about the informative and documentary capacity of images and investigates the viewer’s memory; the collective consciousness of the events depicted.