Jonny Lyons' practice explores the dramatic moment between 'cause' and 'effect' through sculpture, performance and photography.

He often hand-crafts ingenious devices, or creates set-ups that trick the eye, to execute his mischievous tableaux. Afterwards these functioning sculptures - having fulfilled their purpose - are presented as relics of the event together with the photographic evidence. But the photographs are not simply documentation of a sequence of events. They are imbued with physical humour, wit and often a melancholy, with more recent works reimagining the work of great film-makers such as Buster Keaton or Jean Cocteau with knowing affection.

In carrying out these processes and collaborations Lyons attempts to reconcile a sort of whimsical escapism - whether through reenacting cinematic moments or engaging his childhood friends to help him stage daredevil feats - with the pressures of the ordinary adult world.