and per se and part I - Mark Wallinger

3 - 22 March 2017

In the early years of the 19th century the English alphabet was considered a system of twenty seven characters, and any schoolroom recitation of ABC’s would end with the 27th letter ‘&’ …and per se and. Of and by itself and: a connecting symbol, linking one thing with another. In the spirit of that linkage, and to celebrate the gallery’s 20th year and a return to the building in which we started out, we are presenting an exhibition programme of pairings: a circular sequence that opens in March 2017 and which will end, where it began, one year later. The sequence begins with The End (what better place to start?) a film made in 2006 by Mark Wallinger. This will be screened to coincide with the Wallinger's major solo presentations at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and Dundee Contemporary Arts. The film is 11 minutes, 40 seconds in duration and will be shown on the hour from 11am - 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday. Mark Wallinger 'Space Invader' The Scotsman Magazine 18 March 2017