and per se and: part XXVI - 12th C. Manuscript, Gospel of Luke & Mark Wallinger

11 - 21 April 2018

and per se and our year-long sequence of exhibitions, where one work is paired with another for two weeks at a time, finally reaches its concluding part this week with a remarkable 12th Century manuscript - the Gospel of Luke - joined for the 26th and final instalment by the opening verses of the Gospel of John, courtesy of Mark Wallinger’s alter ego Blind Faith from his 1997 film Angel. Blind Faith is filmed walking on the spot at the foot of an escalator in the Angel underground station, wearing dark glasses and tapping the ground with a white stick, repeatedly reciting the first five verses of St. John's Gospel: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. etc. But there is something uncanny and curiously laboured in the cadence of Blind Faith’s speech - Wallinger recorded himself speaking backwards before reversing the sound during editing to make sense when played. As a result, the rest of the film is seen back-to-front; the end of the film being the beginning and the escalators appearing to run backwards. Angel finishes as Wallinger ends his monologue and, in a mock ascension, rises slowly up the escalator carried away to the triumphal sounds of Handel’s Zadok the Priest. We began our and per se and sequence in March 2017 with Wallinger’s film The End – a suitably perverse place to start a circular marathon – and so, little over a year later, we end by going backwards into the beginning. We are grateful to everyone who has joined us during the past year, and especially to all the artists, galleries and collectors who have made this programme possible. Mark Wallinger & Albrecht Dürer & Katie Paterson & Laurence Sterne & Ben Cauchi & Susan Collis & Richard Forster & Callum Innes & Agnes Martin & James Hugonin & Giorgio Morandi & Ragnar Kjartansson & St. Sebastian & Louise Bourgeois & Rose Wylie & Frank Walter & Alexander Calder & Peter Liversidge & Celtic Head of a Man & Sean Scully & Liliane Tomasko & Howard Hodgkin & 17th C. Indian Floral Arabesque & Alexander Gorlitzki & 12th C. Manuscript, Gospel of Luke & Mark Wallinger and per se and ends 21 April and the gallery at 6 Carlton Terrace will then be closed. Our new gallery at 33 Barony Street opens with an exhibition of new paintings by Callum Innes on 12 May 2018. We look forward to seeing you there.