Bethan Huws: Billboard for Edinburgh

1 February - 27 April 2011

Welsh artist Bethan Huws (b.1961) was the 11th artist to make a work for Ingleby Gallery's 10ft x 14ft billboard.


Bethan Huws grew up speaking both Welsh and English. Her work, which takes various forms including drawing, sculpture, film and installation, often has a strong interest in language and communication.


Huws' work also includes many art historical references which she often links to our experience of everyday life. Huws' billboard installation referenced one of her artistic heros, Marcel Duchamp - references to Duchamp's work also appear in 7 vinyl wall texts in her current exhibition at Whitechapel. The simple and elegant billboard text has a wonderful quotidian banality. The reference to the library alludes to Duchamps' carefully planned and researched approach to making work.


As part of the project, Bethan Huws' has produced a signed and numbered limited edition screenprint. For further details, please contact