Antony Gormley

11 November 2010 - 1 February 2011

British sculptor Antony Gormley is the tenth artist to participate in Ingleby Gallery's Billboard for Edinburgh project.


Gormley is best-know for his public artworks and sculptural installations which often take the human form as a starting point. Throughout his career, Gormley has continued to draw, exploring the immediacy and intuitiveness of the medium.


Gormley's billboard image From the Cave developed from one of the artist's ink drawings. Typical of Gormley's work, there is a clear interest space and, in common with many of his works on paper, the image is high contrast and depicts isolated figures within an expanse of darkness.


As part of the project, Antony Gormley has realised his image as a limited edition photogravure etching available for sale through Ingleby Gallery. For further details, please email