and per se and: part XVI - Rose Wylie & Frank Walter

11 - 21 October 2017

and per se and  is a rolling sequence of exhibitions where one work is paired with another for two weekly periods, across a stretch of 12 months. Rose Wylie is an artist whose work has found wider acclaim and critical recognition late in life. Since her 80th birthday in 2014 Wylie has won the John Moores Painting Prize, the Charles Wollaston Award, and has been elected to the RA. Her paintings, usually large in scale, have an unbridled energy and a joyfully direct visual language in which text and image jostle for position. This autumn Rose Wylie is preparing for her first major museum show in London at the Serpentine Gallery (from 29th November - 4th February). The paintings of Antiguan artist Frank Walter, always made on a very modest scale, are similarly joyful in their immediacy and use of improvised materials. They reveal the vivid inner world of their maker; depicting subjects as diverse as portraits, landscapes (both real and imagined) and abstract forms extrapolated from scientific theory. Unrepresented and unexhibited before his death in 2009 Walter has recently been widely recognised as a visionary and significant voice in contemporary Caribbean art. His work is currently exhibited at Harewood House, Leeds (until 29 October) and the Venice Biennale at the inaugural pavilion of Antigua & Barbuda (until 26 November).