Events and Performances for Peter Liversidge: The Thrill of it All

23 February - 10 April 2010

Thursday, 11th March, 6pm Proposal No.90 and Proposal No.23 Gin Performance, following which Peter Liversidge will give a motivational speech to Scottish business leaders (Ingleby Gallery) Friday, 12th March, 12noon Proposal No.120 Retribution Gospel Choir (Ingleby Galery) Saturday, 13th March, all day Proposal No.87.


Peter Liversidge will drive all available hire cars from Edinburgh to Glasgow, where they will be left. Thursday,18th March, 6pm Film Club Repo Man (1984) (Alex Cox, 92 mins) Selected by Peter Liversidge (Ingleby Gallery) Friday, 26th March, 1– 2pm Proposal No.41 Four Cellists, improvised performance, Sculpture Court (Edinburgh College of Art) Saturday, 27th March, 12noon Artists talk Peter Liversidge will be in conversation with Sasha Craddock Join us for coffee and croissants from 11am (Ingleby Gallery).


Amongst other proposals realised during THE THRILL OF IT ALL Peter Liversidge will: walk around the corner (Proposal No.5); sit and eat biscuits with George and Thomas (Proposal No.36); be dressed as a well worn path (Proposal No.68); go cross eyed (Proposal No.70); give an audio guide on an open tour bus tour of Edinburgh (Proposal No.86); dress the gallery staff as comic book super-heroes (Proposal No.93), look in to a couple of local myths (Proposal No.101) and gently place a beautiful piece of flint in the centre of Edinburgh (Proposal No.114).


All events are free and no booking is required. For more information please contact the gallery