Peter Liversidge & Fischli + Weiss

31 May - 7 June 2008

The 24th 'pairing' presented 8 photographs from a new series, 'Zoo Polaroids (Barcelona)' by Peter Liversidge, alongside projections of Fischli + Weiss' seminal films 'Der Rechte Weg' (The Right Way) 1983, and 'Der Geringste Widerstand' (The Point of Least Resistance) 1981.


Internationally celebrated Swiss artists Fischli + Weiss (b. 1952, b. 1946) have worked collaboratively since 1979, making films, photographs and installations which transform the everyday and familiar into things strange, amusing and fantastic. These 2 films as chosen by Liversidge, feature the artists as a rat and a bear in two rather incongruous settings - hiking through the countryside in 'The Right Way', and attempting to infiltrate the machinations of the art world, in 'The Point of Least Resistance'.


Liversidge has worked in almost every conceivable medium, including drawing, performance, painting, sculpture, installation and performances. A key aspect of his practice, and preparation for exhibitions, is the submission of typed and posted proposals, which may or may not be acted upon. As part of his proposal for the exhibition, Peter LIversidge also instructed that "at midday on 30 May, the Ingleby Gallery will be filled with smoke". The results of the proposal, and Liversidge's intervention in the space, can be seen in the documentary photographs here.