Dark Light - Alison Watt

9 February - 5 April 2007

Dark Light, an installation by Alison Watt, is the result of 2 years work funded in part by a Creative Scotland Award from the Scottish Arts Council.


Viewed from the outside 'Dark Light' is a starkly simple sculpture: a beautiful and exquisitely pared down metal cube with a door hidden in one side which opens to reveal a small dark room. As you enter, the walls and floor and ceiling appear deep black but, as the eye adjusts to the dim light, painted images on the walls and ceiling creep into focus revealing images of black cloth in deep swathes. It is a strange and quietly unsettling experience, a painting that can literally be stepped into: the logical conclusion perhaps of the increasingly engulfing paintings that have secured Watt's reputation over the past 10 years.


A related set of 5 new prints by Alison Watt (published by Ingleby Gallery at Edinburgh Printmakers in February 2007) were also exhibited.