Frank Walter Book

Francis Archibald Wentworth Walter was born in Antigua in 1926. He was prodigiously talented as both a writer and artist, but his undeniable genius was flawed by delusions of aristocratic grandeur, namely a belief that the white slave owners in his ancestry linked him to the noble houses of Europe, from Charles II to Franz Joseph of Austria and the Dukes of Buccleuch. As a young man, aged just 22 in 1948, Walter tasted success as the first man of colour to manage an Antiguan sugar plantation, but although hugely revered on the island for his intellect and achievements he left it all behind to tour Europe in pursuit of new skills and his own increasingly convoluted genealogical meanderings.

Walter’s remarkable gifts were the product of a fertile, but fragile, mind and having returned to the Caribbean he spent the last twenty five years of his life in an isolated shack on an Antiguan hillside, surrounded by his writings, some 25,000 closely-typed pages of history, philosophy and autobiography, and by the extraordinary paintings and carvings that speak with such an unmistakable and visionary voice.

This publication provides an introduction to Frank Walter's life and work. It includes numerous colour reproductions of Walter's paintings and essays by Barbara Paca, Art Historian, Landscape Architect and close friend of Frank Walter. The book also includes photographic portraits of Frank Walter taken by Sean Donnola.