Katie Paterson

Future Library Handover 2023
The Future Library Handover 2023
21 May 2023
9:45 am
Future Library - Nordmarka
59˚59’10.0” N 10˚41’48.6” E
Join the Future Library in their handover ceremony celebrating 9 years since the project's inception.
Katie Paterson created the Future Library in 2014, a young, active forest of a thousand trees that will be used to print an anthology of books in 2114, one hundred years after the forest’s planting. Each year an author is invited to join the future library, with the submission of a manuscript that will not be read until 2114. By submitting a piece of work, these authors will have their work immortalised in the Future Library’s “Silent Room, designed by Deichman Bjørvika, at the Deichman Library in Oslo.
On May 21, Judith Schalansky and Ocean Vuong will submit manuscripts to the Future Library, and the ceremony will be streamed live day of (event beginning at 9:45, ceremony starting at 10:45 am BST).
To view the live stream, please click the link below.
May 20, 2023