Garry Fabian Miller will hold his third in a series of public lectures titled The Light Gatherers, which follows his Honorary Fellowship with the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University.


The series, which runs until October 2023, follows the central role of  The Darkroom within his life and chemical photography, and is accompanied by a publication, Dark Room: The Memoir, due to be published in 2023.


Of the upcoming lecture, Miller said:

"Photography is a direct extension of the human imagination. It allows the projection of an inner vision – a mirror of thought and dreams to be seen. Its natural habitat, The Darkroom. Within its deep blackness, light is enabled to bring forward images from an unseen but felt intuited world. This is the place of Henry Fox Talbot's "Natural Magic", its creation a human nature. A wonder."


The first lecture in The Light Gatherers series took place on Thursday 10th March, 5 - 6pm, in the Lecture Theatre at Weston Library. The second, The Darkroom's Erasure, was held on Tuesday 31st May, 5-6pm, at Sir Victor Bank Lecture Theatre, Oxford. Both can be watched via the links below.


Miller is internationally known as one of the last darkroom photographers. Natural Magic, A Human Nature, the third lecture, will be held Tuesday 22nd November, 5-6pm, at Sir Victor Blank Lecture Theatre, Weston Library, Oxford. It will discuss both his influences, and process. Tickets can be booked via the link below.


November 12, 2022