Callum Innes - Sean Kelly

Callum Innes


Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

4th November - 17th December


475 Tenth Avenue
New York NY 10018
Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm


Sean Kelly presents a new exhibition by Callum Innes, Tondos, his eighth solo exhibition with the gallery, which introduces a remarkable new development in his oeuvre.


Tondos sees a distinct departure from Innes' previous way of working on square and rectangular canvases, into a new series of Exposed and Split Paintings on circular wooden panels. Known for his additive and subtractive painting process, Innes' new works investigate the effect of layering pigment and experience of colour on a new material, a chnage marked also by a new shape.


The tondos, presented in the main gallery, will also be accompanied by a group of new works on paper in the front gallery.

November 3, 2022