Caroline Walker - Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

Girl Meets Girl

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen, Norway

7 May–25 Sep 2022 


Girl Meets Girl brings together the work of twenty-five women artists, across nationalities and generations, whose works address varying contemporary issues. The exhibition is designed to facilitate a dialogue between these artists, concerning the ideas, lived realities, and emotions that have formed their experiences of the world.


Rose Wylie's Girl Now meets Girl Then, 2019, acts as a departure point for the exhibition, the artist with the longest artistic career in this exhibition, whose work initiates a conversation with generations of women artists who have followed her.


As an exhibition of exclusively women artists, Girl Meets Girl puts a spotlight on a group of artistic voices which historically have been, and continue to be, under-represented in the art world.


Curated by Paul Carey-Kent, Jinhee Choi, Sunhee Choi og Jari Lager

September 28, 2022