Charles Avery - Friesland Triennial




as part of Friesland Triennial 

7th May - 14th August 2022

Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 6pm


For one hundred days, Oranjewoud will be the setting for Paradys, an installation of works by fifteen artists throughout the house and grounds of this former country estate in the Netherlands.


Curator Hans den Hartog suggests this luxurious environment, a paradise on earth, is precisely what makes it the right setting for contemporary artists to question and disrupt the notion of an ideal world; is it possible to create? for whom is that world intended? and what does that world look like?


For Paradys, Avery's The Islanders continues to grow. In Oranjewoud it will be housed in a dedicated building, where visitors will be able to roam around with the island character known as The Hunter, who is the unifying thread in his very first book.


For further information about the program of the Friesland Triennial and tickets for Paradys, please visit the link below.

May 10, 2022