Charles Avery at Venice Biennale 2022



Planet B: Climate Change and the New Sublime


Palazzo Bollani

Castello 3647

Venice, 30122



20th April - 27th November 2022

Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm


Planet B: Climate Change and the New Sublime is the first show by Nicolas Bourriaud's new international curatorial cooperative, Radicants.


Designed as an exhibition in three acts: 1. Every exhibition is a forest. 2. Charles Darwin and the coral reefs. 3. The tragic death of Nauru Island, Planet B considers how global warming has affected the artist's relationship with the nature. Where artists once saw wonder, they may now see threat, a transformation which Planet B relates back to the Romantic notion of the sublime, defined by Edmund Burke in the 18th century as a "feeling of aesthetic pleasure tainted with fear, or the proximity with danger”.


Calling the recent fear of  humankind's loss of control over the planet the 'contemporary sublime', Planet B positions the sublime as the defining aesthetic notion of the Anthropocence and brings together artists demonstrating this in their work.


Charles Avery will be included in the second act of Planet B, Charles Darwin and the Coral Reefs, commencing on the 8th of July.

May 10, 2022