Garry Fabian Miller - Honorary Fellowship Bodleian Libraries

Garry Fabian Miller has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship with the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University.


The fellowship includes a public lecture series, The Light Gatherers, beginning March 2022 and running until October 2023. The series considers the central place of the darkroom in the history of chemical photography and is accompanied by a publication, Dark Room: The Memoir, due to be published in 2023.


Of his new appointment, Miller said:

"In the way that the Bodleian is the home of the book, I hope over time it will become the home of chemical photography. The foundation is built with the William Henry Fox Talbot archive. These are the Darkroom's end days, I hope my Fellowship will create a focus to consider how we celebrate these special places, the heart of photography for 180 years. Creating a refuge and archive for these precious and soon to be lost sights".


The first lecture in The Light Gatherers series took place on Thursday 10th March, 5 - 6pm, in the Lecture Theatre at Weston Library. You can watch the lecture via the link below.


The second lecture in the series, The Darkroom's Erasure, takes place on Tuesday 31st May, 5-6pm, at Sir Victor Bank Lecture Theatre, Oxford. The lecture focusses on the central role of The Darkroom in his life and within chemical photography. Tickets can be booked via the link below.

May 26, 2022