Katie Paterson - Singapore Art Week 2022



Katie Paterson 

To Burn, Forest, Fire, 2021 

Singapore Art Week

14th - 23rd January 2022


Showing at the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore as part of its Free Jazz IV. Geomancers programme for Singapore Art Week 2022.


To Burn, Forest, Fire, originally comissioned by IHME Helsinki in 2021, takes place as a series of incense burning ceremonies, consisiting of the scent of the world’s first forest 385 million years ago and the scent of the last forest in the age of the climate crisis. The work has now been selected for this exhibition showcasing artistic practices from across the globe concerned with creating environmental consciousness.


All the works selected for Free Jazz IV. Geomancers are the result of long-term research and extensive fieldwork and, when presented together, share an understanding of the world as a vulnerable, yet resilient, mesh of coexistences, correlations, and co-creations.


For more information on To Burn, Forest, Fire, read more about the IMHE Helsinki commission at their website below.

January 21, 2022