Charles Avery, David Austen, David Batchelor, Callum Innes, Peter Liversidge - Drawing Room

The Drawing Biennial 2021

Drawing Biennial 2021


Drawing Room

1-27 Rodney Place

London, SE17 1PP

21 May - 27 June


Cromwell Place

4 Cromwell Place

London, SW7 2JE

1 - 5 July


The online auction takes place from 21 June - 5 July, closing at 9pm


The Drawing Biennial's celebrated exhibition and auction of over 300 unique artworks provides an invaluable snapshot of how artists are working with drawing today.


The event represents artists from a range of generations, backgrounds, and heritages. The exhibition culminates in an online auction in its final weeks, with works available to purchase from a starting bid of £300.


Please note, the exhibition will transfer to Cromwell Place, Kensington, from 1st-5th July, to bring Drawing Biennial 2021 to an even wider audience. 


For more information, please visit the website of the Drawing Room below. 

June 3, 2021