Solar Flare: Roger Ackling and Chris McCaw - Curated by Ben Cauchi

Robert Heald Gallery

Solar Flare: Roger Ackling and Chris McCaw

1  - 22 May 2021

Robert Heald Gallery

Wellington, New Zealand

Solar Flare is an exhibition of work by Roger Ackling and Chris McCaw curated by  Ben Cauchi.

Each of the works in the show is made byt the intensifying rays of sunlight through a lens and turning this energy into physical form, often over extended periods of time. Mcaw builds large-format cameras and allows the light of the sun to burn its own trail across the photographic negative, a record of its passage through the sky as the Earth spins on its axis. Ackling made all his works by employing a hand-helf magnifying glass as a drawing tool, focussing the sun's image over and over onto pieces of discarded  wood found on his travels or near his home in Norfolk, UK.

May 1, 2021