Garry Fabian Miller - Paul Mellon Centre

Plants, Animals (Zoom Webinar)

British Art and Natural Forces: A State of the Field Research Programme

Plants, Animals

Zoom Webinar

8 October 2020, 16.00 - 17.30


Garry Fabian Miller's work will be a topic of discussion as part of this years A State of the Field Research Programme.


2020 marks the Paul Mellon Centre's 50th anniversary as an institution dedicated to the study of British art and architecture. It is a year in which artistic practice and the practice of art history have met with the unprecedented force of a global pandemic.  


This multi-part programme of research events focuses on the encounter between artistic and art-historical practice and the forces of the natural world. It places such encounters in both contemporary and historical perspectives. 


The three bodies of research that will be discussed include:


Chair: Sria Chatterjee (Postdoctoral Fellow, Max-Planc Institute)

  • Lauren Cannady (Assistant Clinical Professor, University Honors at theUniversity of Maryland),
    ‘The Order of Nature, the Disorder of Names’
  • Jeremy Melius (Assistant Professor, History of Art at Tufts University),
    ‘Vivisection and the Visual Arts’
  • Laura Ouillon (Doctoral Student, British Visual Culture at the Université de Paris),
    ‘Re-membering Trees after the Great Storm: Ecological Grief in Garry Fabian Miller’s Work’

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October 8, 2020