David Austen - Strange Love Screening

In the final part of the online programme of Strangelove Festival  - a project promoting experimental, innovative tme based art and film - David Austen's recent film The Story Of My Death As Told To Me By Another, 2013 - 2019. David's film is available to watch online from  Monday 29 June - Sunday 5 July, visit stranglovefestival.com.


In the film we see the artist in minimal clown make up and nautical attire, lying still and floating in blank space. As the camera draws closer we hear a voice-over script written by Austen’s friend, novelist Rupert Thomson, inspired by a dream the writer had of the artist’s inexplicable death. Like his painting, drawing, and sculptural works, the films craft surreal new realms for us to step into and linger a while, before emerging back into reality.

June 29, 2020