Ingleby - The Unseen Masterpiece


While the gallery space is closed  Ingleby presents a daily exhibition of artworks that no one will see, of works that will never be together.

Under a title borrowed (and slightly mistranslated) from Balzac’s Le Chef-d’oevre Inconnu Ingleby presents a series of interconnected images, posted daily in an exhibition that isn’t an exhibition.

Beginning Monday 13th April and continuing until the gallery is able to resume its normal programme, we will publish a new work daily in a rolling sequence, with every selection being the work of an artist who has taken part in some aspect of the gallery’s more conventional exhibition programme over the past 22 years. It will in effect be a tribute to all of our favourite things.

The works will appear each week day via our website and instagram and every Friday an email will summarise the previous five days sequence, and release a newly commissioned film from the studio of one of the artists featured that week. To subscribe to our weekly emails please join our mailing list here.

To see the current artist in the sequence the viewing room here.

May 16, 2020