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Charles Avery

Only Artists: Lavinia Greenlaw meets Charles Avery

BBC Radio 4


Aired live on 11 March 2020 at 9am


Lavinia Greenlaw has published six collections of poetry, including The Built Moment which reflected on her father’s dementia. Her novels include In the City of Love’s Sleep, about a relationship sparked by a chance encounter in a museum. She also writes about art and music, including a book on how pop shaped her young identity. She was the first artist in residence at the Science Museum, and her immersive sound work, Audio Obscura, won the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.


Charles Avery grew up on the island of Mull. For more than 15 years, he has worked on a single project – the invention of an imaginary island, creating its people, settlements, landscapes, forests and creatures through paint, sculpture and text. The main town is called 'Onomatopoeia', and it’s rumoured that the island is home to an elusive beast called the Noumenon.


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March 11, 2020