Charles Avery - GRIMM

The Taile of the One-Armed Snake

Charles Avery

The Taile of the One-Armed Snake 


Frans Halsstraat 26


29 February - 11 April 2020
Opening: Saturday 29 February, 4-6 pm


Since 2005, Charles Avery's work has focused on a fictional island: an all-encompassing investigation of the
fabric and mentality of another place. Through drawings, texts and objects the artist describes the inhabitants, archicture, philosophies, customs and idiosyncrasies of this imaginary territory.

The title of the solo show, The Taile of the One-Armed Snake, takes its name from a bill pasted on the wall, under the porticos, where a market takes place by day. The poster is surmounted upon layers of other notices, stuck up, torn down, peeled off : signs to and remnants of the Islanders' cultural activity.


The Taile of the One-Armed Snake is a multitude of stories, ideas, and percepts interwoven to create the rich fabric of the Island.


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February 25, 2020