Andrew Cranston - Le Bel Ordinaire

Du Coq À L’âne

Du Coq À L'âne

Le Bel Ordinaire

Allée Montesquieu, Pau

64140 Billère, France


24 April - 29 June 2019


For this curatorial project, Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck take as their starting point the idea of exchanging cities: Paul the Scotsman who lives in Berlin, and Cornelius the German in Glasgow. Focussing on these important centres of artistic production, the exhibition shows how artists today participate in the dynamic activity of the cities in which they live.


Du coq à l'âne presents a varied selection of recent work by ten visual artists based in the cities of Glasgow and Berlin. Artists included are Andrew Cranston, Andrew Kerr, Victoria Morton, Ciara Phillips, and Cornelius Quabeck from Glasgow; and Tamina Amadyar, Birgit Megerle, Matthias Schaufler, Alexander Wagner, and Paul McDevitt from Berlin.


April 9, 2019