Andrew Miller - Stallan-Brand Gallery

Andrew Miller
Stallan-Brand Gallery
80 Nicholson Street, Glasgow, G5 9ER
9 March - 19 April 2019
Open 10 - 5pm, Monday - Friday 
Andrew Miller is currently exhibiting a new body of work presented accross two rooms at the Stallan-Brand Gallery in Glasgow. On view are a number of drawings which take their form on found timber, recycled acrylic, perspex and paper, and light sculptures which are familiar objects which the artist similarly investigates, attempting to ask questions about the way things are placed, valued and used. The presentation of light sculptures includes Twilight; a sculpture realised in 3D which originated as a drawing on a glass wall, exhibited as part of the artist's show at the National Glass Centre in 2016.
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April 5, 2019