Frieze, New York
Randall's Island Park
Ingleby Booth D33
3 – 6 May (Previews Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd)

For Frieze New York 2018 Ingleby is exhibiting a dedicated solo presentation of works by Kevin Harman.

Kevin Harman was born in Scotland in 1982. His Skip series is an ongoing project where he seeks out a skip or dumpster on a Friday night, full of the week’s rubbish from a construction site. After the labourers have clocked off for the weekend Harman works tirelessly for the next 48 hours, sorting and categorising the detritus by colour and material, carefully returning the contents to the dumpster, arranged into an oddly formal sculpture. Skip 16, on view here, was made last week on the streets of New York.

Harman’s glassworks are positioned somewhere between painting and sculpture. These abstractions are at once seductively beautiful and challengingly physical. They too have their origins in materials more commonly associated with the construction industry (in this case double-glazing window units and recycled household paints). The artist splits the toughened glass panels in order to pour, layer and drip household paint onto the interior cavity. The resulting images balance the artist’s intentions with moments of chance, and a sense of the original object being something entirely new – a window that defies logic; a surface that is simultaneously opaque and flat, but with apparently swimming depths.

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May 1, 2018