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Harland Miller

Too Cool To Lose

This 10-colour screenprint by Harland Miller, Too Cool To Lose is an classic Miller title. Miller has previously mockingly classified his work in various different categories including ‘the Introspective Stuff’ and ‘the Macho Shit’. The latter includes titles such as 12 Rounds With God and This is Where Its Fuckin’ At and this print would fall into the same classification.

Harland Miller is an artist and writer. In 2001, he produced his first series of paintings based on the dust jackets of Penguin books. Since then, Miller has used the penguin motif to produce striking work which combines elements of pop art, abstraction, and figurative painting.

The covers that Miller depicts are tattered and dog-eared and the titles, which highlight his love of language, range from the nostalgic to the hilarious from the poignant to the melancholic.

Harland Miller was born in Yorkshire and currently lives and works in London.

Please note; this edition is now sold out.


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