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Ruth Ewan

Mist (Lewis and Mary)

In April 2011, Ruth Ewan worked with young people at Broughton High School, Edinburgh to create a new font. Each member of the class drew a letter onto a rubber and the resulting designs were then cut into maple woodblocks. Ewan then used the woodblock type to create a series of three prints.

The text is this print is derived from the autobiography of activist, writer, poet and song-writer Mary Brooksbank (1897-1978). In her autobiography, No Sae Lang Syne, Mary quotes from Lewis Grassic Gibbons’ 1932 novel Sunset Song; ‘let us believe that the new oppressions and foolish greeds are no more than mists that pass’. Mary explains the profound impact the novel has had on her and sums up her hopeful outlook towards society.

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