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Mark Eischeid


The flag of Greenland, Erfalasorput, was designed by Thue Christiansen and was officially adopted in 1985. The shapes in the Greenlandic flag represent Greenlandic landscape elements, and the colours are taken from Denmark’s flag, the Dannebrog.

Inspired by the colours of Greenland during a research trip in 2010, Mark Eischeid decided to take the idea of a landscape-inspired flag a step further and sampled colours from the landscape in and around Ilulissat, Greenland.

Each flag represents colours of landscape elements captured by photograph on a particular day and time. For the Objects at Sea flags, the top band represents the sky, the bottom band represents the sea, the top half-circle represents an iceberg above the water, and the bottom half-circle represents the same iceberg below the water. For the Objects on Land flags, the top band represents the sky, the bottom band represents an adjacent rock outcrop, the top half-circle represents a building, and the bottom half-circle represents the concrete foundation of that same building.

The screenprints are available from the gallery at a price of £150 each. Please use the navigation panel above the image to view all available prints.


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