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James Hugonin

Binary Rhythm (Dark Red / Indigo)

Ingleby Gallery is delighted to unveil a new screenprinted diptych by James Hugonin.

Hugonin’s new prints push the boundaries of modern printmaking by exploring the imaging possibilities created by new digital technologies and combining this with the technical proficiency of a master printmaker with decades of skill and hands-on experience.

This is Hugonin’s second major printmaking project in recent years and was undertaken in collaboration with Kip Gresham at The Print Studio in Cambridge.

Hugonin’s new screenprinted diptych develops the ideas in his latest series of Binary Rhythm paintings. This new screenprint closely connects with Hugonin’s painting practice but employs a reduced colour palette of opaque and semi-transparent marks. Printed over a coloured grids (one dark red, one indigo), Hugonin rectangles and half marks fizz and vibrate across the surface of the paper to form a complex and intruiging interplay of colour and rhythmic sequences.

Please note; the price quoted is the unframed price. The price listed include a local sales tax at 20%. For online orders outwith the European Community, this tax will be deducted from your shopping basket, when setting your delivery location.


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