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Luca Frei

Luca Frei’s work can be seen as a series of games that he invites us to join, only to discover that he has changed the rules, confounding expectations but offering interesting alternatives. His installations of two- and three-dimensional works may have the semblance of recognisable things such as trees, shelves, benches, or texts, but these are re-presented in new and unusual configurations to provide what curator Charles Esche describes as “literal space for imaginative use” (Cream 3, Phaidon, 2004). Attempts to tie Frei’s works to definitive meanings or answers are futile, they exist to provide fertile, open-ended points of engagement, sparking new ideas and connections, triggering memories or past experiences that we bring to them. This playfulness goes hand in hand with a political undertow, a quietly subversive questioning of order and convention, and an imaginative resistance or alternative to the status quo.



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