Peter Liversidge: Proposal Books

A central aspect of Liversidge's practice is the making of Proposals - groups of hand-typed and posted suggestions that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. These proposals form the basis for exhibitions, art works, happenings and performances.

Liversidge's Proposal books include facsimile copies of the original, hand-typed proposals and act as an incredible record of the eccentricity, intellect and the diversity of Liversidge's practice.

Proposal books to date:

Proposals for Printed Matter Inc, 2014
Proposals for Reykjavik, 2014
Proposals for Frome, 2014
Proposals for the Royal London Hospital
Whitechapel Proposals, 2013
Proposals for Santarcangelo, 2013
Proposals for Kiasma, 2012
Proposals for The Flag Club, 2012
Proposals for Sean Kelly Gallery, 2011
Proposals for Huntly, 2011
Proposals for the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 2010
Hong Kong Proposals, 2010
Proposals for Cardiff, 2010
Proposals for Town Hall Hotel and Apartments, 2010
Ingleby Proposals, 2010 (also available as a Special Edition Book)
Miami Proposals, 2009 (also available as a Special Edition Book)
Bloomberg Proposals, 2009
Jupiter Proposals, 2009
Proposals for Liverpool, 2008
Proposals for Barcelona, 2008
Not for Sale: Proposals for Brussels, 2007
Fair Proposals, 2007
Festival Proposals, 2006 (also available as a Special Edition Book)

Please note; the number of proposals per book varies. Please contact Ingleby Gallery for full details.