Garry Fabian Miller - The Arnolfini Gallery

Adore: Expanded Cinema | Closing Celebration

Garry Fabian Miller

Adore: Expanded Cinema

The Arnolfini Gallery 

16 Narrow Quay

Bristol BS1 4QA


27 May 2023

3pm - 8pm

Admission £20 | £10 concession


"I desired to make 'a life well lived'. I knew art could change the world; it had remade mine. The love towards Adore has often felt overwhelming as we enters its last days - 156,389 visitors in 11 weeks."


Arnolfini Gallery will host a very special closing celebration consisting of live performance, music, poetry and films within the theatre, throughout the galleries and on to the Harbourside. A suite of films made by Garry Fabian Miller and his son, Sam Fabian Miller, will be screened and alternately presented alongside live responses by performers, including Fitzhardinge Consort, Alice Oswald, Dan Johnson, and Kathleen Frances. 


For more information and to book tickets please visit the link below.


May 25, 2023