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These Rotten Words – David Austen

These Rotten Words
18 March – 11 June 2017
Chapter, Cardiff

A group exhibition curated by George Vasey, These Rotten Words encompasses photography, painting, sculpture, sound and moving image works and focuses on the physicality of textual, gestural and vocal forms of communication. These artists call attention to the physical properties of communication: the mouth and the hand are inextricably linked and while the hand enables us to shape materials, the voice — and our use of language — offers a further tool to manipulate the world around us.

David Austen will present a text painting alongside a series of figurative watercolours. Further exhibiting artists include Rebecca Ackroyd, Johann Arens, Anna Barham, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, Foundation Press, Anneke Kampman, Joanna Piotrowska and Devlin Shea.

For further information please follow the link to he exhibition webpage:

Between poles and tides – Talbot Rice Gallery

Between poles and tides
Talbot Rice Gallery, Old College, Edinburgh
11 February – 6 May 2017

Between poles and tides is a dramatic display of work recently acquired by the University of Edinburgh. It features work by established artists, recent graduates and works connected to the Talbot Rice Gallery programme including David Batchelor, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jonathan Owen and Katie Paterson.

For more information, visit the Talbot Rice Gallery website here:

Peter Liversidge – Ridgefield Hardware Quartet

Peter Liversidge
Ridgefield Hardware Quartet
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
28 January, 5.30 pm

As part of the solo exhibition Proposals for The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum Peter Liversidge has collaborated with a local business in Ridgefield Connecticut to create new vocal work for a male vocal quartet, written with and for Ridgefield Hardware. The performance takes place at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, this Saturday 28 January at 5.30pm. Exhibition continues until 5 February 2017.

For further details contact The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum at the following link:

(Flyer designed with assistance from Khan’s DIY shop Bethnal Green, London)

Group Exhibition – A Certain Kind of Light

A Certain Kind Of Light
Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
21 January – 7 May 2017

An Arts Council Collection National Partner Exhibition. Includes works by Roger Ackling, David Batchelor, Garry Fabian Miller and Katie Paterson.

A Certain Kind Of Light explores how artists have responded to light, its materiality, transience and effect over six decades. The exhibition brings together artworks that reflect the relationship between light and a wide range of themes from brightness, colour and perception to transformation, energy and the passage of time.

The exhibition will consider the different ways artists have explored the various aspects of light, from its importance as a source of illumination, as a pure sculptural material, as a mysterious force and as a source of energy that can be conceptually converted into other forms as a means to articulate singular impressions of time and space.

Includes artist-lead events by David Batchelor ( Sat 11 March) and Garry Fabian Miller (Sat 29 April). For further information and booking  visit the Towner website at the link here.

Charles Avery – David Roberts Art Foundation

Charles Avery
Study #15. Untitled (The Ninth Resort)
DRAF, Symes Mews, London
20 January – 8 April 2017

DRAF Studies are a series of focused case-studies of works from the David Roberts Collection. Each presentation centres on a single work, displayed on its own in a gallery with a printed booklet. Study #15 looks in depth at the work of British artist Charles Avery

The exhibition opens with the Hunter, an explorer protagonist whose arrival on the shores of Avery’s imagined Island introduces the viewer to the archipelago, and whose discovery of its landscapes, population and customs guides our own. The next room looks at the Duculi, one of the Island’s nine gods, a fearful creature whose two canine bodies are fused at the neck in a blind eternal struggle. The centre of the exhibition addresses the city: both the metropolitan Place de la Révolution at the heart of the capital Onomatopoeia, lined with geometric monuments and bustling crowds of cyclists; and the more dingy industrial margins including The Ninth Resort. A bronze bust crowned by a tall structural hat introduces the philosopher inhabitants of the Island, whose Dukes wear elaborate headwear signalling their adherence to many philosophical sub-schools.

The final room collates materials selected by the artist to make visible his broad studio practice, including furniture, designed wallpaper, books, maquettes, sketches and texts.

For more information visit the DRAF website at the link here:
For more information on the practice of Charles Avery click on the link here.

Charles Avery – The People and Things of Onomatopoeia: Part 2

Charles Avery
The People and Things of Onomatopoeia: Part 2
Pilar Corrias Gallery, 54 Eastcastle Street
13 January 2017 – 17 February 2017

The People and Things of Onomatopoeia: Part 2 is the latest instalment of Charles Avery’s epic project, The Islanders.  Since 2005, Avery has devoted his practice to the depiction of a fictional island with its own population, customs, cosmology, and architecture, expressed through the form of large-scale drawings, sculptures, installations, texts, and moving image.
This solo presentation brings together new drawings—including a vista of the inner circle of Onomatopoeia Zoo—portraits, furniture, jewellery, posters, and bibelots, giving an insight into The Islander’s culture.

For more information visit the Pilar Corrias Gallery website at
For more information on the practice and recent projects of Charles Avery click on the link here

Peter Liversidge – Kate MacGarry

Peter Liversidge 
12 January – 18 February 2017
Kate MacGarry, 27 Old Nichol Street

In this solo exhibition Peter Liversidge presents a group of conceptually-based projects spanning photography, painting, sculpture and performance. Liversidge will present, for the first time together, work relating to his ongoing fascination with duplication, pairs – in particular his ongoing series of pairs of near-identical Polaroid photographs – and of Pareidolia; the psychological phenomenon wherein the mind instinctively perceives structures and faces within objects and images. The works in this exhibition are investigations of coincidence and not limited to the language of a single medium.

For more information visit the Kate MacGarry website:
For more information on the work of Peter Liversidge click here.


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